Inspection Services


At Im-Pres LLC We value the importance of monitoring properties and closely observing the condition of the delinquent properties we oversee. We provide our clients with reports and daily communication on all properties we monitor. We understand that working together ensures all issues are mitigated immediately.


Occupancy Inspection     

In performing an Occupancy inspection this will determine if the property is occupied. All pertinent information is obtained during an occupancy check including but not limited to; full names, phone numbers, brokers information, property management, and rental information (if currently being rented by owner). We also provide any possible or existing condition of the property including vandalism if present.


Property Condition Inspection      

In performing a Property Condition Report ensures visual observation of the property; which gives a full view of the condition and occupancy at the Property. Im-Pres LLC will notify our client if there are any conditions that could affect the property and its value.


Disaster Inspection       

In performing a Disaster Inspection this will determine if there are damages at the property as well its condition. These inspections can be performed as a rush or time management basis depending on the type of disaster and the ability to access the area.


REO Check Inspection      

In Performing an REO Check Inspection; this determines the full condition of the property. REO check inspection can be completed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis until the property is sold. A full interior, exterior inspection is done; as well as full notation of damages, violations or any hazardous conditions. This inspection also provides if there has been any ongoing maintenance at the property.


Insurance Loss Inspection      

In performing an Insurance Loss Inspection; the inspectors will notate their opinion as to the estimated percentage of repairs completed based on the scope and dollar amount of repairs. The inspector will attempt to contact the homeowner immediately following the receipt of the inspection to set an appointment.


Photo Service       

Photos are taken per client specifics. Im-Pres LLC ensures photos are accurate, clear, and supportive.


Property Condition Report      

The property Condition Report document assist in entailing the actual condition of the property and provides an overview of the property and its condition.


QC Compliance Inspection       

The QC Inspection is an evaluation performed by DPS to ensure our clients of the observation of previously received inspection results and preservations services.

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